Garage Door Opener Types

If you own a garage door which work manually – Without an electric garage opener, or if your electric opener need to be replaced, you probably asked yourself what type of opener you should get, and what are the differences between the different openers. In this article we will try and give some information and tips on how to choose a garage opener, which are the leading brands of garage openers, and what type of opener will be the right for you. Although we specialize in garage door services in New Rochelle and in garage repairs in Westchester County, the information we provide here can help you even if you are located someplace else, and you are wondering: Which garage opener should I get?

If it is important to you to have an opener which will be is quiet as possible, you should consider installing a Belt Drive Opener. It may be more expensive than the chain drive opener, but if you think about it, you will probably using it for more than 15 years, so it is probably worth to invest some more, and enjoy a silent opener.

Garage Openers Types

We usually deal with 3 types of garage openers: Chain Drive Opener, Belt Drive Opener and screw drive opener. If you already own a garage opener, it is probably one the 3 types we just described. We would like to go over the differences between the types, and how to choose between them.

The Chain Drive Opener

Chain Drive Opener

The chain drive opener is our best seller, and we consider it as one of the strongest openers, reliable, relatively quiet, do not require high maintenance, and can easily work for 20 years and more. The chain drive opener is opening and closing the garage using a steel chain that connected to the opener on one side, and to the rail on the other side, opening and closing the garage door. It doesn’t matter if it is a garage opener in Greenwich, in New Rochelle, or anywhere else, the chain drive opener will be a wise decision.
But if the noise level is important to you, you should also consider the next opener on our list, and that is the Belt Drive opener.

The Belt Drive Opener

Belt drive opener

The belt drive opener is the quietest opener of the three types. Just like the chain drive opener, it is quiet, strong and reliable. With this opener, the steel chain is replaced with a rubber belt which male it extremely quiet, and granted some of the belt drive openers with the title “Whisper”.
You may be asking yourself: So why would someone choose the chain drive opener over the belt drive opener, if they are both strong and reliable, but the belt is quitter? We are glad that you asked that. First, the belt drive opener cost more than the chain drive opener. We believe that the investment truly worth it, since you get a quiet opener that will work for many years, but some people choose not to invest since the noise level doesn’t bother them, or their garage may be detached from their house.
The second is the noise level. Some people prefer to hear and know every time their garage is opening and closing. And since the chain drive opener is noisier, they prefer the chain drive opener.

The Screw Drive Opener

This type of opener used to be much more popular, and lately we do not see it as much as we used to, and we try to avoid installing it, since today you can find better alternatives. But this type of opener will work best for people who prefer to install the opener by DIY, instead of using the services of a garage door installer in Westchester, since it relatively easy to install, and will open and close your garage when you will need it to.

I live in New Rochelle, which opener should I choose?

It really doesn’t matter if you own a garage door in New Rochelle, or a garage door in Stamford, what matter is that you will choose the opener that will serve you well, since it is something that you shouldn’t do more than once every 15-20 years. The important thing is that you will choose between the chain and the belt drive, and that you will choose a reliable brand, since like everything else in life, quality matter. And if you wonder which brand to choose, you can find the answer in the next paragraph.

Which garage opener brand do you recommend?

There are many brands and manufactures of garage openers in the American market. The most important thing is to choose a high quality garage opener manufacture, so you will get the best opener for your garage. After many years in the industry, we have learned that Lift-Master openers are the kind that you can trust to keep working for many years, and that will rarely need any service as long as your garage door is in good condition, and as long as it is maintained in time.
It doesn’t mean that we do not repair and install other brands of openers like Genie openers, but when we are asked about a good garage opener, Lift Master will be out first recommendation.

What about safety?

When it comes to safety, there is no question. Every garage opener, whether it is a Lift Master belt drive opener, or a Genie chain drive opener, or a screw drive motor, must include a safety feature which will stop the closing garage and reverse it in case something is in the way.
This is a federal law which require it, and there is also common sense that should tell you to use a safe garage. If you own an automated garage which is not equipped with safety sensors, you should get them installed ASAP, even if it mean to complexly replace the electric opener.
The safety sensors are there in order to protect you, your family, you pet, your car, or any object which may be at the doors way when it closing. They may also be the reason for many garage issues (Which are relatively easy to repair if the safety sensors are the issue), but the one time that they will protect someone or something from getting hurt by the garage, is enough to make sure they are installed the right way. If your garage is not equipped with safety sensors, we recommend you to contact a garage door supplier in New Rochelle to install them for you.

What about the accessories?

The accessories that come with the garage opener depend on what you need and the way you are planning to use the garage. Here is a list of garage opener accessories, and their description:

  • Safety Sensors: As we explained earlier, the safety sensors are inseparable part of the garage opener installation, and installing a garage opener without them is both dangerous and illegal.
  • Remote Control: You can synchronize as many remotes controls as you want to the opener. So the quantity is up to you.
  • Key Pad: This is a keyless way to open the garage just by using a security passcode that you will determine.
    Wall Switch: Installed inside the garage, in a place that will be unreachable for little kids, and that will allow the user to see the door itself when using it.
  • Battery backup: In case there will be no electricity in the garage, but you would still like to use the door automatically.
  • Emergency release: If you garage has no access beside the garage door itself, installing the emergency release will allow you to open the garage in case there is no electricity, or if there will be a problem with the opener or the remote control.
  • Garage Opener New Rochelle New York

    The important thing when considering purchasing a new garage opener is to aim for quality. There are different openers for different prices, but when you think that if you will think that purchasing a high quality opener can be something that you will not have to do again in the next 20 years, you can see why it is important to invest in high quality garage opener. We offer garage openers from all types in Westchester New York, and we will gladly assist you making the right decision when planning to purchase a new garage opener.