Garage Door Spring Repair New Rochelle

Most of the times when a spring snap, is when the door is completely closed (Down) or partly closed. It usually followed by a loud scary sound, of a steel spring which is under a lot of tension, and in some cases, mostly when it is extension spring that break, the snapped spring can cause damage to the garage door itself, or to objects which are near the door. If your door was equipped with safety cables (for extension spring system), they may have limited the breaking spring to stay in the area where it is located, and prevent metal parts from the broken spring from flying around the garage.
There are possible reasons why the spring snapped. It may be due to lack of maintenance, a spring which is not matching the door, over-use of the door, or simply that the spring just got old. Luckily, in most cases the problem can be fixed, and a new set of springs will usually get your garage door working again.
All Westchester Garage Doors offer same day repairs for torsion and extension springs in New Rochelle, and since we carry springs for most of the doors in Westchester County, most likely that we will be able to replace the broken spring on the spot.

Extension springs

What should I do if the spring snapped?

The best thing for you to do, is to stop using the door, and contact a garage door technician in New Rochelle who can replace the snapped spring with a new one. There is no need to panic or to wonder if the repair is going to cost a lot of money. A spring replacement in Westchester New York is something which we are dealing with on a daily base, since it is one of the common garage door issues, that can completely stop a garage door from working.
Again, a spring replacement can be a dangerous process, and since the weight of the door is not supported by the spring which snapped, trying to lift the door to open it up, or trying to close it is dangerous, and can result with a complete broken door, or even worst, with an injury.
We got the knowledge, the springs and the experience to match the correct spring for your garage door, whether it is a torsion spring or extension spring. We also have the tools and the experience to put the exact amount of tension on the spring, which will enable your door to stay balanced, and make it easy to use even if you are using it manually.


Trying to open (or close) a garage door with a snapped spring, can lead to a bigger damage to the door, but more important than that, it is very dangerous, and can end with injuries and even death.

Which spring do I need?

There are many sizes of springs, since there are many different doors. And for someone who isn’t trained in the garage door repairs, different springs may seem alike, and you may assume that using a spring which almost identical is going to allow your door to work again. The truth is that you may be right, but at the same time you may also be wrong, and in the garage door industry – Using the wrong spring can be dangerous and even deadly.
If you decided to purchase the spring and replace it by yourself, make sure that you have the right spring, and remember that the safe and correct way to use a garage door is with the right spring for your door.

Torsion spring repairs New Rochelle NY

Torsion spring repair New Rochelle

If your torsion spring snapped, you need to replace it before trying to use the door again. For us, a torsion spring replacement, can be a simple job, and can be a complicated job. A lot depend on how professional the repairman is, and how complicated is the job. If it is a commercial overhead door, which may require custom made springs, there may be a waiting time of few days before we will be able to return with the right torsion spring and complete the job.
There isn’t much you can do if your garage door’s torsion springs snapped, since the only safe to use the garage door again will be to replace the spring first. The best thing for you to do is to contact a garage door company in New Rochelle that specialize in garage door repairs, and that can replace the spring with a new one.
Sometime it may seem to you that the problem is with your electric opener, when it is actually a broken torsion spring that you did not noticed. You should know that a garage door, even an electric one, should be easy to operate in a manual use. If you are having hard time operating the door manually, connecting the opener is not going to solve it.

Extension spring repair New Rochelle New York

Not every overhead door in Westchester is working with torsion spring system. Some of them are working with extension spring system. If your overhead door is equipped with extension spring system (They can be found on the each side of your overhead door, installed above the tracks), and one of the springs snapped, just like with the torsion spring system: you shouldn’t try and move the door. It can be both risky, and will probably increase the damage to the garage door.
We supply and install extension springs that will fit different overhead doors sizes and weights, since after so many years in the overhead door repair field, we learned which the most popular torsion springs are in Westchester County, and we learned which ones are the most common extension springs in New Rochelle. To get your garage door repaired today, call us at 914-222-1511, and one of our technicians will be on he’s way to assist you.

Torsion spring New Rochelle

Can I replace the spring by myself?

When the issue is a broken spring, and we are being asked if we recommend to replace it by doing-it-yourself, we love to start with a short story:
We once received a call from someone who asked us to come and help him replace the spring in he’s garage. When we arrived, he showed us the springs that he bought, and that he tried to replace by himself unsuccessfully. He actually had the right springs for the weight and size of he’s door (Although from low quality, but this wasn’t the issue). We asked him to show us what he was doing, and when he demonstrated to us, we immediately stopped him, and told him that he is lucky that he did not get injured, and that the door did not break. He had low headroom garage door, with torsion springs, and he was trying to put tension on the springs in the wrong direction. That all he needed, someone to tell him what he was doing wrong. But sometime the knowledge on how to do things is more important than if you do or do not have the ability and the tools to do them. To read more about DIY spring repairs, you can read this article by J&C Garage Doors. Or visit a garage door repair community.
There are some garage door repairs that can be done in a DIY Way, and there are many that should be left for a trained technicians. The spring replacement comes somewhere in the middle: There are spring replacement which can be relatively easy to perform, and can be done in a do-it-yourself repair, and some are so complicated, that even a trained and experienced repairman can find them difficult, complicated and dangerous.
When it comes to do-it-yourself spring replacement, If we were asked to give one important tip, that we recommend to use for every garage door repair in the world: Always make sure that you follow the safety rules, and never take unnecessary risks, because there is no money in the world that worth your health, and the safety of your family. Even if your car is locked inside the garage and you must take it out, and even if your door is open and it is raining outside, do not touch things that you are not sure about them.
If you understand the garage door mechanism, and the way the garage door is working, and you decided to go ahead and replace the snapped torsion spring by yourself, make sure that you have the right spring for the door, and when we say the right spring, we mean the exact one and not a spring which is almost the right one, or that you hope that will make the door work. We witnessed many cases of people who used the wrong springs, and a door of few hundred pounds simply “jumped” or crashed down into the ground.

Torsion spring repairs New Rochelle NY

Extension spring Repair New Rochelle

If you own overhead garage door in New Rochelle that works with extension spring system, and you look at your garage door from inside the garage, you should see that the spring are installed on top of the tracks (Attached to pulleys and cables), it means that your garage door is moving by extension spring system. When extension spring snap, and it doesn’t matter if it is a garage door in New Rochelle, or garage door in Richmond County, it can be dangerous, and can put people, the overhead door itself and other objects near the door at risk. So we offer you to make sure that there are safety cables installed in your door, in case the spring will break.
If you are considering to purchase extension springs for your garage, and to replace the broken spring in a do it yourself garage door repair, you should know that every garage door in New Rochelle New York is unique, and not every spring will fit every garage door! So if you plan to do the replacement by yourself, make sure you have the right spring, and that know exactly what you are doing. Do not assume that a spring that looks like your spring, or almost the same size will work. Unless you use the right spring for your overhead door in New Rochelle, the door will not be safe to use.
If you will install the wrong springs, and you will try to use the door, you will put yourself in risk. Many springs may look the same to you, but they are actually different. Just like the same keys may look the same, but there are differences that makes them open or not open a certain lock.

Safety Cables (Extension springs)

The safety cables that should be installed in every garage door that used extension spring system, have no part in operating your garage door in New Rochelle, and the garage door will work with or without them, it is important to install safety cables, to protect the area which surrounding your garage door if the spring will snap one day. If you need to replace the springs for your overhead door in New Rochelle, make sure that the installer will also include safety cables. If you own a garage door in New Rochelle, and you are not sure if there are safety cables included in your spring system, look at your springs, if you see a metal wire which enter from one side of the spring, and exiting from the other side, it mean that you have them. If you do not see them (Do not confuse them with the cables which actually connected to the spring and wrapped around the pulley), you can install them by yourself, or you can call us for same day garage door service Westchester County New York. It may be broken garage door in Mamaroneck, or broken garage door repair in Larchmont, we will be there for you.

Torsion Spring Repair New Rochelle NY

If your garage door in New Rochelle is working with torsion spring system, and one of the spring (Or more in some cases) snapped, do not try and use the door, because it is dangerous. A torsion spring replacement is not an easy project, and it should be performed by a trained technician, who can fit the right spring for the door, and that will know how to replace the spring in a safe way. There are a lot of different sizes of garage doors in New Rochelle, and not every spring can make every door work. For every overhead door, there is a set of spring that will make it work, and do not expect an overhead door in New Rochelle, to work properly with the wrong set of springs.
Do not attempt to try and replace the spring by yourself, unless you know exactly what you are about to do! We know that there are many online garage doors tutorials that explain how to replace a torsion spring in New Rochelle in a “do it yourself” way, but the Videos are about a particular garage door, and a specific spring, and your garage door may have a different size of spring. And just like broken extension spring replacement, many springs may seem the same to you, and you may think that they may work, but they won’t, and may end with more than just a garage door that doesn’t work, using the wrong spring can end with a disaster.
We offer same day and emergency garage door repair New Rochelle. So you do not need to worry, we will be there today, fix the door, and replace the broken spring. We carry springs for most overhead doors in New Rochelle, and we will most likely replace the broken spring on the spot.

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